Fight Camp Season III | John Wai Martial Arts Academy

I Fight...


60 Day Transformation into fight weight and shape

We are looking for  amazing individuals from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes to commit to 60 days of Fight Camp.

No Experience Necessary. 

In just 60 Days, our professional coaches will train you physically, mentally and emotionally to get you into your best fitness/fight shape and weight!

Fight Camp is designed to completely transform the way you look and feel this new year! In just 8 short weeks, we will train you like a fighter and the results will be incredible.


What to expect

Train in multiple martial arts disciplines.
Lose body fat, build lean muscle.
Build confidence in all areas of your life.
Train in a supportive, clean, and safe environment.

From couch to hero

our mission is to provide you with the best fitness experience, teach you essential fighting & Self Defense techniques, and get you strong mentally & physically in a safe, fun & motivating environment!


Program is for beginners & experienced

Train in multiple martial arts disciplines: Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA


Here is what you get

✔️ 8 weeks of unlimited martial arts training at the Premier Martial Arts Academy in South Florida.

✔️ A personal coach, who will track your goals daily.

✔️ Weekly weight and measurements. To help you stay on track.

✔️ Nutrition and Supplementation guide.

✔️ Access to our Facebook accountability group as well as weekly meetings.

✔️ Two one on one consultation session with your coach.

✔️An empowering community dedicated to your success.

✔️ Small group, boot camp style classes ideal for burning fat and increasing stamina.

• If your goal this year is to try something new, challenge your normal and find a spark that will kick start your life then FIGHT CAMP is for you!

• You have access to world class coaches who will help you learn and perfect martial arts techniques, skills, awareness and self defense drills.

• Nutrition and Supplementation guide that will supercharge your fitness goals!

• Build confidence by achieving levels you always thought wasn’t for you or you were afraid to try.

• Save $$ register below for $499 (limited time only)

• Believe it or not everyone has a fighter in them, whether its a physical fight in the ring or just getting up and getting to work on time, everyone fights for something. FIGHT CAMP is the opportunity to fight for yourself. Your goal can be physical, mental or emotional it doesn’t matter in the end you will overcome your obstacles and walk away with your head high and hands raised in triumph. We are a team dedicated to your greatness

• Fill in the information below and “claim your spot” to begin your journey.

Phone: (954)-382-2228