Discover the Chinese Military's
Own Martial Art as You...

Learn Practical,
Effective Self-Defense...
Get in Great Shape...
aND Improve your
Confidence, Discipline
& Focus.

After the Korean War, the Chinese Military
went to work to craft a fighting style that was...

Simple, direct, and effective.

Not only that: it works against stronger,
larger opponents.

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Learn how to defend
yourself against any
opponent-of any size.

Sanda is a melting pot of martial arts from
all over the world. It contains ancient techniques
of kung fu… lightning fast strikes of modern
kickboxing… and wrestling and grappling
incase you're ever grabbed by your

In short: Sanda covers all the
bases so you can protect
yourself and your loved ones...
no matter the situation.

Improve Your Physical Fitness for
More Energy, Vibrancy & Health.

It's no secret that physical fitness improves your energy, your health,
and over-all well-being. Studies also show that people who are physi-
cally fit are happier, more alert, more productive, and live longer.

Martial arts is such a powerful way of getting fit because the
exercise is masked with fun, exciting techniques.
Half the
time you won't even realize your'e getting a great workout.

You'll just be engrossed in learning and perfecting the
various techniques. However, you'll also likely tone up,
lose weight, and just feel better all over.

Expert, Passionate Instructors Will
Guide You Every Step of the Way

Our instructors live & breathe martial arts. They're constantly learning
new techniques... pieces of Sanda's rich history... and improving their
own form.

This means they're well-equipped to guide you through any
challenge you may face...
give you encouragement and motivation
to keep growing… and help you in any way you need in order to be
successful with Sanda.

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